My Top Ten Favorite Zappa Song’s


If you had to pick a list of ten songs that for you define your enjoyment of Zappa, what would it look like? Here is mine..

1. Oh No/Orange County Lumber Truck
2. Sleeping in a Jar
3. Dog Breath
4. Call Any Vegetable
5. The Duke of Prunes
6. Lonely Little Girl
7. Little Umbrellas
8. Anything
9. Mother People
10.Who Are the Brain Police?

Feel free to list your own in the form of a comment/response.


4 Responses

  1. My list (in no particular order):
    1) Watermelon In Easter Hay
    2) My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
    3) Peaches En Regalia
    4) Mother People
    5) RDNZL
    6) Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
    7) Illinois Enema Bandit
    8) The Black Page #2
    9) Punky’s Whips
    10) Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk

  2. my list also in no particular order.
    1) ritual invocation of the pumpking
    2) watermelon in easter hay
    3) the adventures of greggery peccary
    4) saint etienne
    5) i promise not to come in your mouth
    6) it must be a one-shot deal
    7) the air
    8) sleep dirt
    9) sinister footwear (symphonic version)
    10) i come from nowhere

  3. Little House I Used to Live In
    Peaches En Regalia
    Sy Borg
    Muffin Man
    Zomby Woof
    Advance Romance
    She Painted Up Her Face
    Billy the Mountain
    King Kong

  4. 1- Inca Roads
    2- Outside Now
    3- Black Napkins
    4- Sleeping in a Jar
    5- Watermelon in Easter Hay
    6- RDNZL
    7- Muffin Man
    8- Son of Mr. Green Genes
    9- Dog/Meat
    10- Oh No!

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