About Frank Zappa: Composer and Social critic

composer frank zappa

composer frank zappa

A rock ‘n’ roll entrepreneur; Frank Zappa’s true legacy exists behind more than just his music. Using his music as a device, he vocalized core concepts and philosophies of contemporary culture. Aside from the music Zappa wrote and performed, he also produced films and videos, and was a political activist. Frank Zappa contributed to the technological and musical innovation of the time. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Zappa wrote rock, jazz, electronic, and orchestral works. As an icon, Zappa is perhaps best known for his Mustache, cigarette smoking, Dark and sarcastic sense of humor, and Long guitar solos.

“I don’t give a fuck if they remember me at all.” – Frank Zappa (July 1, 1983: Interview on Nationwide)

Throughout this blog I will be discussing the works of Frank Zappa, as well as providing analysis and research on Zappa’s music and ideas. The following is a list of questions that this blog will look to answer and provide insight on:

—> Zappa the composer: what have you discovered about Zappa’s creative contribution to music, i.e. the
compositions he wrote and the recordings he made?

—> Zappa the musician-performer: as a guitarist, band leader and stage performer, what did Zappa bring
to the concert medium, show business and music-making in general

—> Zappa the entrepreneur: how did Zappa balance art and commerce throughout his career?

—> Zappa the social critic: through his lyrics, interviews, album art and other media, how did Zappa
communicate his views on society and culture during his lifetime?

—> Zappa the man: in terms of background, personal philosophy and other aspects of who Zappa was,
how did Zappa’s personality affect his work and legacy?


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  1. Way to go Gar, I’m impressed with this. all hail the NY GIANNNNNNNNTs

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